Interior Products & Services

We work with artists in wood who are able to do medallions, borders, bending, hand scraping, and just about anything you might imagine for your floors.

We have artisans skilled in distressing, antiquing, gilding and silvering, and fauxpainting.

We have equally skilled people who work with marble, tile and stone.

Hardwood flooring can be a commodity product.  Producers will feed material through their mills at a tremendous rate of speed.  The resulting flooring can be really variable in thickness and congruence.  We do things differently.  We run hardwoods through our flooring milling machines at the same speed and with the same care that we run millwork.  Our flooring has exact dimensional stability.  We can mill to any width.  We can provide rustic, saw marked, distressed, or clear flooring.  We are able to provide much of the flooring in 8’ and 10’ lengths.  And we will provide any species.