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Panelized Wall, Floor & Roof Components

Components have thoroughly integrated into the wood frame construction industry over the last twenty years.  First roof trusses gained wide acceptance and now floor trusses and wall panels have achieved the same wide-spread use within the industry.  Our component manufacturers use only the latest engineering software and highly automated precision fabrication machines to produce their components.

Advantages for components:

1. Reduced erection time to “dry in”.

2. Reduced field labor costs

3. Reduced construction waste on site.

4. Because the components are fabricated in a climate controlled environment with precision machines, the construction is more precise than site stick building.

5. The site will have limited loose lumber making it inconvenient for stockpiled product to “walk off”.

The most important advantage our manufacturers can offer you is an overall cost savings for your building project.   They can offer you the structural shell delivered and erected at a fixed price.  There will be no added material surprises.

The more complicated the structure the more savings you can expect by using our manufacturers.  The buildings are carefully engineered and the components are integrated.  The building has to “work” on paper before it is manufactured and delivered to the site.

Components provide particular advantages for the construction of large multi-unit projects.  Most of the material is stored off site.  Deliveries are carefully sequenced and delivered “just in time”.  And the structural challenges have carefully been thought through and solved.