Minneapolis Uses a Sledgehammer

Last week the Minneapolis City Council, in response to complaints over the rapid increase in tear downs and rebuilds in the Southwest neighborhoods of the city, passed a moratorium banning for one year any more demolition permits or significant remodels.  With that casual, poorly though out act, the council destroyed millions in assets for their constituents in the area.  Think of elderly homeowners who were selling to effect a lifestyle change and now are in limbo.  Or think of the affluent younger couple who were buying a home in this area and are now stuck with a property that doesn’t suit their needs and have no opportunity to build what they have planned.  The area has a rental vacancy rate of two percent, skewing rates higher for renters  Several multi-unit projects have been planned in the area and now are on hold because they can no longer raze the necessary structures to build their projects. This high-handedness really bugs me.  Adjacent Edina has more activity in tear downs, but they worked with builders and owners to develop procedures that protect the existing owners on blocks that have tear down activity.  We have a government that doesn’t care about property rights.  Leading the push back against this overreach by the city, is a builder who lives and works in the area:  Scott Busyn of Great Neighborhood Homes.  scott@greatneighborhoodhomes.com  www.greatneighborhoodhomes.com

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By Woody Smith