About Us

Cross Country Solutions Inc. is a forward thinking marketing company committed to networking the finer construction products and services to builders, architects, and owners.  We represent sophisticated manufacturers of panelized walls, pre fabricated floor and roof trusses, structural insulated panels (SIPs), glulams, timber and glulam trusses, and erection services for these structural shell products.  CCS Inc. also represents some of the highest quality door, window, millwork, and cabinetry manufacturers for any commercial or residential project.  CCS Inc. further represents artisans dedicated to the installation of millwork, tile and marble, wood flooring and specialty finishes. If you are a builder, developer, owner, or architect, invite Cross Country Solutions, Inc. to provide unique solutions and pricing for your project today.   Cross Country Solutions Inc. is also dedicated to raising the profile of and increasing business for our builder customers by using the latest online marketing strategies.


Woody Smith has spent more than 25 years specifying, estimating, and marketing structural components and materials to custom builders.  Many of these projects have been large very complicated structures.  Although he has provided the structural shells for homes from Newport, RI to San Diego CA, much of his work has been concentrated in the Mpls-St. Paul metro and the Colorado mountain resort areas.  Because he has been both a licensed homebuilder and a subcontractor, he has a deep understanding of the challenges facing those professions.  For years he has leveraged his extensive contacts in the construction industry to network highly skilled subcontractors, artisans and suppliers with sophisticated builders and GC’s.  Woody graduated from the U of M with a B.A. in Economics and frequently writes on economic issues.

Vice President of Marketing & Sales

Ben Smith is a construction management graduate from MNSU and has 4 years of management experience within the commercial construction industry.  After interning as an assistant producer for a nationally syndicated talk radio show in 2010, Ben has found new passion for online marketing strategies, business development, and website construction.  Ben has a natural talent of bringing individuals and businesses together creating quality driven relationships.  Creativity drives Ben’s pursuit in utilizing the latest marketing trends with a special focus on social media and search engine optimization.